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Agricultural Systems

Ali, M., Smith, C., Akber, M., & Aziz, A. The dynamics of rubber production in Malaysia: Potential impacts and challenges | Abstract

Berends, J., Rich, K., & Lyne, M. A pro-poor approach to upgrade agri-food value chains in Tanintharyi region of Myanmar | Extended Abstract

Chakori, S., Aziz, A., & Smith, C. The need to reduce food packaging: a system approach | Extended Abstract

Cooper, G., Rich, K., Choudhury, D., Sadek, S., Shankar, B., Kadiyala, S., Ratna, N., & Mohammad, A. Using participatory system dynamics approaches to evaluate the nutritional sensitivity of a producer-facing agricultural intervention in India and Bangladesh | Extended Abstract

Dizyee, K., & Rich, K. A system dynamics approach to chain/network analysis in the primary industry sector: Case studies of beef, dairy, and amaranth in the developing world | Extended Abstract

Kotir, J., Smith, C., & Johnstone, R. Developing population-water-food system dynamics model with stakeholders: a critical reflection and lessons from the field | Abstract  

Kotir, J., Smith, C., & Johnstone, R. Dynamic bio-economic simulation model for assessing whole-farm performance and impacts of innovation options | Extended Abstract

Muflikh, Y., Smith, C., Aziz, A., & Brown, C. Understanding underlying issues across the Indonesian chilli value chain using systems thinking | Abstract

Nyam, Y., Kotir, J., Jordaan, A., & Ogundeji, A. Conceptual Modelling of Sustainable Water resource management and Agricultural development under uncertainty: The Case of the Breede River Catchment Area, South Africa | Extended Abstract

Business Systems

Atkinson, S., & Gary, S. Dynamics of Post-Acquisition Integration Management | Abstract

Humphreys, K., Gary, M., & Trotman, K. Management Decision Making using a Simplified Stock & Flow Diagram and System Dynamics Training with the Balanced Scorecard Framework | Abstract

Kimura, M. Customer Journey Pathway Analysis from the Perspective of Customer Engagement: A System Dynamics Approach | Paper

Mak, N., & Ong, E. What contributes to a team’s effectiveness, and what can be done to improve it? | Paper

Nakazato, N. A Proposal of Use of System Dynamics as a Tool to Infer Managerial Decision Making | Abstract

Ogawa, T. Dynamic Inventory Model and Analysis for Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Material | Paper

Okada, I., Hiekata, K., & Takahashi, Y. Corporate Human Resources Policymaking | Paper

Verrier, B., Smith, C., Ziemski, M., Witt, K., & Yahyaei, M. System Dynamics for a Sustainable Mining Industry | Extended Abstract

Wong, Z., & Goh, J. Towards sustainable travel: Investigating the impact of CSR investment on the brand strength of a small hotel business | Abstract

Yang, M., Coltman, T., & Gary, S. Stretch Goals and Entrepreneurial Resource Allocations Between Established Products and New Opportunities | Abstract

Yeo Ming Jie, J., & Goh, J. Assessing the Sustainability of Dockless Bike-Sharing in Singapore | Paper

Community Based System Dynamics

Brown, A., Nichols, M., Whelan, J., Hayward, J., Strugnell, C., Brown, V., & Allender, S. Testing Community Based System Dynamics for Obesity Prevention at Scale | Extended Abstract

Cheng, X. Suicide interventions in the acute hospital: Redefining the role of Medical Social Workers in Singapore, using a Community Based System Dynamics Approach (Work in Progress) | Extended Abstract

Werner, K., Ballard, E., Priyadarshini, P., Yadama, G., & Hovmand, P. Community Based System Dynamics and social and ecological systems in India: Looking back at 12 Years of collaboration | Abstract

Environmental Systems

Dwiyahreni, A., Soesilo, T., Sunaryo, & Supriatna, J. Systems dynamics model for Indonesia’s terrestrial national parks | Extended Abstract

Eaves, A., Kench, P., McDonald, G., Dickson, M., & Storey, B. Modelling economic risk to sea-level rise and storms at the coastal margin | Abstract

Grace, W. Sustainability and the SDGs: a systems perspective | Paper

Jacobson, C. The Role of Trust in Enablers and Barriers to Adoption of Clean Cooking Practices | Extended Abstract

Moshrefi, R., Mostafazadeh, M., & Kamali, G. Carbon tax or energy carrier’s price rise for mitigating CO2 emission? A case study of an energy-rich country | Abstract

Phan, T., Sahin, O., Sanò, M., Pham, H., Dao, H., Mai, L., & Pham, T. Assessing the Vulnerability of an Island Water System Subject to Climate Change and Tourism Development: A System Dynamics Approach | Paper

Richards, R., & Birch, G. Understanding the cascading effects of heavy metal contamination in Sydney estuary | Extended Abstract

Richards, R., Staby, S., & Smith, C. The Electricity City – Modelling the Dynamics of Queensland’s Electricity Trends | Paper

Health Systems

Ansah, J. An Evaluation of the Impact of Aggressive Hypertension, Diabetes and Smoking Cessation Management on CVD outcomes at the Population Level: A Dynamic Simulation Analysis | Abstract

Ansah, J., Ahmad, S., Lee, L., Shen, Y., Matchar, D., & Schoenenberger, L. Modeling Emergency Department Crowding: Restoring the Balance between Demand for and Supply of Emergency Medicine | Abstract

Chiam, C., Ansah, J., & Kandiah, N. Young Onset Dementia in Singapore - Projecting its Prevalence and Cost | Abstract

Dhirasasna, N., Suprun, E., MacAskill, S., Hafezi, M., & Sahin, O. Rethinking PhD candidates’ well-being: A participatory systems approach | Extended Abstract

Lee, C., & Cai, Y. A Dynamic Modeling Approach to Theorize the Unintended Consequences of the Hospital-delivery Subsidy Program in Jiading, Shanghai | Abstract

McAvoy, S., & Staib, A. Improving Access to Emergency Departments: An Application of System Dynamics Modelling in Healthcare | Extended Abstract

Nishi, N., Ikeda, N., Sugiyama, T., Kurotani, K., & Miyachi, M. Projected Changes in Healthy Life Expectancy and Healthcare Costs 2020–2040 Through Long-Term Care Prevention Among Older Japanese People | Abstract

Peng, C., Heffernan, M., McDonnell, G., Lawson, K., Lybrand, S., & Atkinson, J. System dynamics model as a national decision-support tool reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease | Abstract

Rahman, I., Hidayatno, A., Komarudin, & Zahari, T. Sustainable Financing Policy Analysis for Universal Health Coverage: The Case of Indonesian Tobacco Excise Tax | Abstract

Teo, R., & Ansah, J. Projecting Healthcare Utilisation by Low-Income Elderly in Singapore using a Dynamic Multi-State Population Model | Abstract

Toth-Peter, A., Richards, R., Reid, S., Gartner, C., Staby, S., & Smith, C. Smoking Model: evaluating the dynamics of tobacco smoking in Australia | Paper


Medrilzam, Hardi, B., Faruk, M., Ahmad, F., Tasrif, M., & Suarga, E. Integration of System Dynamics and Spatial Dynamics Modeling to Predicted Changes in Environmental Carrying Capacity in Indonesia | Paper


Mak, N., Yiu, M., Lam, T., & Ong, E. The Effect of Child’s Happiness and Social Attainment on Parents’ Enjoyment of Parenting and Desire to have More Children | Paper

Suetake, T. Transform of Anger to Acquaintance – SD model of “Tempest” | Paper

Suetake, T. Understanding History with Business Model | Paper

System Dynamics Education

Browne, C. Playing in the bathtub: how we think about the bathtub metaphor | Extended Abstract

Cavana, R. Reflections of Teaching the Causal Loop Modelling approach to Systems Thinking in New Zealand | Extended Abstract

Goh, J., Song, X., & Ooi, J. Enhancing undergraduates’ perceived learning of Singapore complex food security and waste problems through the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method | Abstract

System Dynamics Method

Giesen, A., Friedmann, F., Chaysiri, R., & Samiphak, S. Developing the Logical Method for Converting the Multiple-transmission-pathway System Dynamics Model to the Agent-based Modeling and Simulation | Paper

Ong, E. Critical Thinking in System Dynamics | Abstract

Tellio─člu, N., & Barlas, Y. Automated Discovery of Causality and Polarity from Data | Paper

Uchino, A. Where is System Dynamics situated within Soft/hard systems and soft/hard approach? | Paper


Bowling, T. Adaptating Group Model Building to Low Resource Settings: a Case Study from the Lao PDR | Poster

Davison, J., Currie, D., Atkinson, J., Crosland, P., Page, A., Heffernan, M., & McDonnell, G. Simulating the impacts of lifestyle-related risk factors on the health of Australians | Poster

Dhirasasna, N. What if Hotels Use Renewable Energy Technology? | Poster

Pham, Y., Reardon-Smith, K., Mushtaq, S., & Kotir, J.  Feedback modelling of the impacts of drought on coffee production in Vietnam | Poster

Salim, H., Stewart, R., Sahin, O., & Dudley, M. Tackling Complex End-of-Life Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Problems in Australia | Poster

Spano, M., & Korzilius, H. Strategic Workforce Planning: How do companies implement and operate system dynamic models? | Poster

Sugeng, E., Varma, N., & Smith, Z. Normalisasi in Jakarta: a Cure or a Respite? | Poster

Taha, H., Reid, S., Smith, C., Durham, J., & Currie, D. Using Systems Thinking To Understand the Drivers of Brucellosis Transmission in Jordan | Poster

Xiang, S., Varma, N., Mishra, A., & Aggarwa, N. Assessing resilience of climate adaptation initiatives in the Hindu-Kush Himalaya (HKH) Region | Poster


Chung, B. Systems Thinking Play Workshop for K-12 Education

Grace, B. World Climate Game

Ong, E. Building the Urban 1 Model: from Causal-loop Diagram to Ready-to-Simulate Stock-and-Flow Model

Smith, C., Richards, R., & Jagdish, N. SESAMME: An app for Group Model Building

Smith, C., Richards, R., & Jagdish, N. UQ Cases: An app for case based teaching using system dynamics

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